Words of Knowledge

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Sometimes it takes a little risk to offer God’s heart to someone through words of knowledge but it pack a really personal punch. Join with Joe and his special guest Micah Usry as they discuss the kind of courage it takes to deliver God’s heart directly to those around you and tell some radical stories of breakthrough.

An Anxious Peace

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We sing songs like “Trust and Obey”, but how do we do when we don’t feel peace at all in a situation? Could it be that our desire for peace may just be our desire to feel in control? Join Joe and his special guest Blake Berg as they discuss what it looks like to find a peace that actually passes all understanding.


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There are different levels to the prophetic ranging from getting fairly generic words all the way to knowing someone’s phone number. But how to get to a place in the prophetic where you get so specific it’s frightening? This is a place we call Ninja-land. Join Coach and Joe as they talk about Ninja-land and how to get there.

Wisdom and Revelation

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Revelation comes from the Father, but what about wisdom? Join Coach and Joe as they talk about wisdom and revelation, two things we all need…especially if we are going to grow closer to God.

Finding Favor

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We all want favor, but how do we handle favor when it finds us? How do we handle favor when it finds someone else? Will we cheer them on to victory or question their right to be in the game?

Strategies for Warfare

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The enemy is always fighting against us, but how do we fight back? Join Coach and Joe as they talk about Spiritual Warfare, gossip, slander, and the most important warfare strategy of all…letting God be your defender.

Making Yourself Known

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Today Coach and Joe pull wisdom from the Christian heroes of history to give advice on how to slow down, hear God, and the importance of making yourself known to him.

A Rapid Return to Love

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What if you genuinely missed God? What do you do when you realize you’re walking in rebellion? In this episode, Coach and Joe chat about how to avoid rebellion and the steps to take back towards God and out of shame when you realize you’ve been walking in disobedience.

Fresh Friendship, Part 2

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Coach and his friend Block grab the microphones again to chat about what it looks like to start your journey into hearing the voice of God daily and walking in friendship with him.