Do You Want to Get Well?

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I walked into a Christian bookstore not too long ago, and on the wall, there was a picture of Jesus sitting on a rock. As I stared at it, I thought, “Why do so many people make Him look so..

Witch Doctor

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One of my favorite things to do in life, is to take people, who are hungry to see if John 14:12 is real, down to Haiti. Jesus said “If anyone believes in me, he will do the same things I have done, even greater things will he do because I am going to the Father.”

Hyper Grace

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The other day, I overheard someone in a conversation say, “There is no need for me to confess that, it was covered at the cross.”

We Wrestle Not Against Flesh and Blood

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This past Saturday, I internally started to really focus on a new book I am writing. It’s a book about how normal people can do the works of the Father (John 10:38). On the day I decided to start really focusing on the book, I came down with some sort of flu bug. I woke up at 1 a.m. feeling like I was about to die.

My Trip to Bethel for the “Holy Ghost” Movie Premier

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I meet very few people who have not been influenced by Bethel Church in some way over the past ten years.  Bethel Church resides in Redding, California and is Pastored by Bill and Benni Johnson. Bethel Music has influenced Christian music in great ways to say the least.  In addition to the musical influence, Bill Johnson has served as one of the leading voices in the message of Heaven coming to earth.  Bill gets persecuted a lot for what he preaches.  He is a thought provoker and pioneer on teaching people the works of the Father.

Naturally Supernatural Conference

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I was at P.F. Chang’s the other night with my good friend, Clay Danner. Our church will be launching Clay and Rhonda Danner to Taiwan next summer to begin a ministry there.

We ate lettuce wraps, spicy shrimp pad Thai, and some other dish I can’t pronounce. We tore into our food like men who had not eaten in a month. As we stuffed our faces and thought about God’s plans for Clay and Taiwan, we sensed that God wanted us to speak into something about our waiter.

No worship band. No stage. No lights, camera, or action. Just two dads eating a big meal and watching God break through in a very natural way.