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If I could pick one word to describe my last five years down here on big beautiful planet earth, I would choose the word;


I’m naturally an extroverted person and enjoy getting along with everyone. I’ve loved and appreciated the message of the Father’s love and how righteous I am in His eyes because of the blood of His Son. I crave knowing that He loves me. What I did not know is that this same God, who loves us so much, will lead us directly into conflict to transform our character to look more like His Son, Jesus.

Mt. Zion and City Church Merger

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Have you ever wondered why God does not give you more details up front on what He is calling you to? I certainly have. I think I know why.

We would not have to stretch our faith if God gave us all the details at the beginning of our journey. When our faith is stretched- we grow. If God gave us all the details up front, we would not have to trust Him as much.

The day I accepted the job to become the Lead Pastor of City Church, I told the Elders, “Guys, here is what I know. We are changing names, changing the vision, and moving to another location.” I knew what our vision would be. We would anchor everything and put all of our eggs in the basket of Matthew 28. We will be a church that makes disciples that makes disciples. Dallas Willard says, “Every church must answer two questions. 1. What is your plan for making disciples? 2. Is that plan working?”

Naturally Supernatural Coaching

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I was in Haiti a couple of years ago and a friend of mine, 20 years older than me said, “Always remember God will open doors for you that you need to walk through. Don’t worry about what to do. God will show you.” When my friend said this, I remember thinking, “That’s pretty simple and very profound.”

I’m working on a new book right now called, “Chasing a Fat Rabbit- an Invitation for Conservative Christians to Do the Things Jesus Did.”

Heaven is for Real

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I went to see the movie, “Heaven is For Real” tonight with my kids. Last week I watched a prominent Christian leader make fun of it and other books like this one.  He arrogantly shared his thoughts against things such as a book about a child going to Heaven and coming back.  As I watched him make fun of these things, I actually was so sad I thought I was going to cry.  An innocent 4-year-old boy told his story to his Daddy, and has been tremendously ridiculed for it over the past 10 years.

My three children and I absolutely loved this movie.  I’ve also read the book.  It stimulated some fantastic conversations with my kids on the way home.  When I tucked them into bed tonight, they were mesmerized by the concept of Heaven. As a child I was also fascinated concerning the afterlife.  My Papa died when I was five years old and I would lie in a field behind my house and look up at the clouds and just wonder what he was doing up there.  My imagination went wild even as a youngster regarding Heaven.

The Masters

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My first trip to Augusta National was in 1982. I remember it vividly. When you first walk in the gates and make your way around to the Number 1 Fairway, it simply overwhelms you. You don’t have to be a fan of golf to be fascinated by the scenery. It is the most beautiful landscape of golf in the world. And no, that is not an overstatement.

Tickets have been in my family since my dad was young. He grew up in Thomson, Georgia, which is right down the road from the hallowed grounds of Augusta. Over the years, I have never grown tired of being there in early April. I’ve never once thought, “Ok, I’ve seen the azaleas behind 13 enough now.” Never.

“Fat Rabbit”

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I do not come from a lineage of runners. Norris men don’t run. It’s pretty simple. All that changed this past weekend. I ran in a half marathon.

In case you have never run in a half or full marathon before, I need to fill you in on a couple of significant details.

1. The marathon world has its own sub-culture.                  

2. Everyone who races is skinnier than a vegan on a diet.

When we pulled up to the race, I immediately started sizing up my competitors. I told my brother, “I’m the fattest guy here. There are 2,000 runners here and I can’t find anyone in my weight class.”


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I ran 10.2 miles yesterday. I’ve lost 19 pounds in the last 3 months and also, all desire to live. My middle name is “Carbohydrate.” For me, discipline in eating is about as fun as getting run over by a golf cart. This week, I was in Pawley’s Island with a team from City Church wrapping up a two year learning process of what it looks like to make disciples that make disciples in the community of our local church.

After many hours of white-boarding ideas, I snapped. The kind of snapping where I wanted to do something drastic.

I said to my friend Oliver, “Let’s go run 10 miles.”

No More Fat Pastor

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One day, when I was around twelve years old, I was so bored in church that I picked up one of those big, hardback Bibles and began to read. I flipped it open and it landed in the book of “Acts.” Church bored me out of my mind. The book of “Acts” made my mind race with the imagination of Tolkien. Story after story looked like something out of a science fiction novel. Some dude named Stephen is performing miracles. Another fella named Phillip gets transported. For the first time in twelve years of going to church, my heart began to tick with excitement.

I started asking questions and haven’t stopped since.

I Hate You, I Love You

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I am a Pastor of a church and I used to hate God. Used to.

“Paradigm” is one of my top five favorite words along with “cheese-dip,” “warm-weather,” “bedtime,” and “charcoal.”

“Paradigm.” The lens, through which we view the world, is no small matter.

Have you ever been surprised or even floored that you and another person in your life can look at the same thing and each see something completely different? I think God gives us the gift of marriage to frustrate us on simple things. My grid for Saturdays is lying on the couch for sixteen hours and watching movies with the kids. My wife Wendy? Her grid is six projects all in alphabetical order. Her grid for relaxation is organizing the garage. My grid for relaxation is taking the kids to play golf and getting them hopped up on Mountain Dew just to watch what happens. Different strokes for different folks.