Objectively Prophetic

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Joe sits down with special guest Lee Vartanian to talk about his role as the senior prophet of Bridgeway Church and what it looks like to properly steward messages from the Lord.

Follow or Hollow

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Can we be born again and still do whatever we want? Can we continue on in cyclical patterns of sin and still follow Jesus? Join today as Coach and Joe make distinctions between following Jesus or merely believing in him.

A Long Dress Rehearsal

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Sit down with Coach and Joe as they talk about finding true fulfillment on earth by understanding that it’s merely an entry point into eternity.

The Finger of God 2, Part 1

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Join Coach with special guest Will Hacker (director of Finger of God 2) in part 1 of this podcast as Will looks back at how he got involved in making movies and the cost and reward of being all in with God.