Heaven is for Real

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I went to see the movie, “Heaven is For Real” tonight with my kids. Last week I watched a prominent Christian leader make fun of it and other books like this one.  He arrogantly shared his thoughts against things such as a book about a child going to Heaven and coming back.  As I watched him make fun of these things, I actually was so sad I thought I was going to cry.  An innocent 4-year-old boy told his story to his Daddy, and has been tremendously ridiculed for it over the past 10 years.

My three children and I absolutely loved this movie.  I’ve also read the book.  It stimulated some fantastic conversations with my kids on the way home.  When I tucked them into bed tonight, they were mesmerized by the concept of Heaven. As a child I was also fascinated concerning the afterlife.  My Papa died when I was five years old and I would lie in a field behind my house and look up at the clouds and just wonder what he was doing up there.  My imagination went wild even as a youngster regarding Heaven.

Over the years I’ve wondered why so many preachers struggle to even entertain the idea of the supernatural.

Every preacher believes that someone “In Christ” goes to heaven when they die. Yet, you find only a few who believe it’s possible to experience heaven in the “here and now” in that person’s life.  It scares us.  Heaven is fine for us to discover once we pass to the other side, but as soon as someone on this side starts talking about their experiences concerning the supernatural realm, people get really nervous really quick.


I’m not sure I know the answer to this.  Perhaps it’s our insecurities.  Perhaps it’s pride.  Maybe its because we have so many disappointments with God that the thought of Heaven even makes many of us angry.  I don’t know.

Here is what I do know: It’s a dangerous thing to nullify someone else’s supernatural experience. 

I used to judge things like this ALL OF THE TIME.  I would not listen to anyone who started talking about such things.

 That was until I saw Jesus with my own eyes in a vision.  He had two angels standing beside him.

YEP, I JUST SAID THAT.  There are many people who would call me an idiot for writing such a thing.  I don’t care anymore.  What most people call wisdom, God actually calls “fear of man.”  I used to try to be “wise.”  Bull.  It was pure fear.  I’m tired of hiding actually.  I’m tired of ignoring what I and the people I do life with see on a regular basis.

 Just this week, I saw two people physically healed. 


I’ll tell you why.  We are scared to death of what people will think about us.  At some point, we have to move past what others think.  I’m not weird.  I drive a mini-van.  I don’t transport to work or levitate when I pray.  I’m a normal dad who loves little league baseball and needs to lose 20 lbs.  Yet, I’m physically growing sick to my stomach over well known Christian leaders who have enormous ministries that stay as far away from the supernatural as they can.  Give me a break.

The One they preach about focused most of His time on things that would make them more nervous than a wet black cat under a ladder.  Jesus talked about Heaven a lot.  Jesus manifested Heaven’s realm a lot.  So did others in the Bible after his ascension.

Pay attention to Hollywood over the next 10 years.  The Father is getting the attention of the world right now with Heaven’s reality.  He’s not going to stop either.  Even if it makes many of our “Leaders” uncomfortable.

 Great job Colton.  I hope to meet you one day and give you a hug.  You are a brave fella.  A hero to many.