2 Comments on “Legalism, Judgement, Empathy, and Compassion”

  1. Chad I would like to add to the compassion of alcoholism and addicts is the recovery program that their children and spouses walk-through as well. I am an adult child of a recovered alcoholic so when my father was in recovery I went through the program called Alateens.
    I speak this language and fully understand the journey and have compassion for the children of alcoholics.

  2. This session was very helpful and I have some things to work on for sure. Community has been a challenge I think because I have been saved for 3 years and coming out of a military life where you don’t get too close because of moving a lot and also reading the Bible for 3 years and really believing it and seeing others who have been in it for such a long time and wondering am I reading the same Word…anyway I will definitely repent first and ask God for wisdom and guidance to help me let others in. Thanks to you both.

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