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I was in Haiti a couple of years ago and a friend of mine, 20 years older than me said, “Always remember God will open doors for you that you need to walk through. Don’t worry about what to do. God will show you.” When my friend said this, I remember thinking, “That’s pretty simple and very profound.”

I’m working on a new book right now called, “Chasing a Fat Rabbit- an Invitation for Conservative Christians to Do the Things Jesus Did.”

Since I started working on the book, I have had conversations with leaders across the country who read my first book, “Signs, Wonders and a Baptist Preacher” and want to have deeper conversations with me about how I arrived at actually seeing the supernatural manifest. How do I pray for people? What is it actually like to pray for someone and see him or her get helped by God? What are words of knowledge? Do I have to be weird to walk in the supernatural? What is the biblical construct of moving towards the Supernatural? You get the point. I could go on and on.

One of the driving passions of my life is to help people who have been completely turned off to the message of the supernatural; develop an actual paradigm that is comfortable with easing in to doing the things Jesus did.

Weird TV preachers make me more uncomfortable than a vegan at Golden Corral. I get it. Yet, as leaders in the church, we must address the glaring observation in the gospels: Jesus spent a lot of time healing and delivering people. A lot. Then his disciples did the same stuff.

Gone are the days of leading people to Jesus and His ways without actually doing the things He did while He was here. Proclamation without demonstration may, in fact, produce enormous ministries, but it leaves out two thirds of what our King participated in. He healed, delivered, and taught the Kingdom. It’s foolish and naïve to think its ok to be called His “disciple” and not do the things He did.

Even if it gets us fired from our current places of occupation.

With that said, in June, I am going to begin a weekly Coaching-Leadership Google Chat small group for 7 leaders who are interested in developing a mindset to see John 14:12 and John 10:38 actually manifest in our lives. I am going to train and coach 7 leaders on how to walk in the Supernatural and not be weird.

We will Google Chat once a week for 90 minutes. This learning and training experience will last for one year.

If you are interested in being one of those 7 leaders, email me at [email protected] or find me on Facebook.