Naturally Supernatural Conference

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I was at P.F. Chang’s the other night with my good friend, Clay Danner. Our church will be launching Clay and Rhonda Danner to Taiwan next summer to begin a ministry there.

We ate lettuce wraps, spicy shrimp pad Thai, and some other dish I can’t pronounce. We tore into our food like men who had not eaten in a month. As we stuffed our faces and thought about God’s plans for Clay and Taiwan, we sensed that God wanted us to speak into something about our waiter.

No worship band. No stage. No lights, camera, or action. Just two dads eating a big meal and watching God break through in a very natural way.

The conversation with our waiter went something like this: “Do you mind if I ask you a question? I’m not trying to be weird or deeply spiritual but I just really think God has big plans for you.

Do you have a desire to own your own business?” I asked our waiter a simple question with zero pressure attached to it and God led us to a much deeper conversation. I never used the terminology “words of knowledge” or “prophetic.” I simply finished chewing my Pad Thai and nonchalantly asked him a couple of questions.

On my end, I could clearly discern that God wanted me to speak to him. The Word tells us that His sheep know His voice. I acted on the voice I’ve learned to recognize. Clay did the same.

However, the way in which we talked to him was anything but religious or weird. It was natural.

Theology is important. What is often neglected is our methodology. If we can become more open to being natural and stop believing that supernatural things have to be weird all the time, I think we would see many more breakthroughs for people.

We are having a Naturally Supernatural Conference at City Church September 16th- 18th. We will explore what it looks like to live a life that resembles Jesus. He was not just a teacher. He was supernatural in His ministry.

At some point, we must confess that if our lives are not supernatural to some degree then they are superficial. Especially when we compare our lives to what the New Testament calls “normal.”

I’m excited about where this conference will lead our church. We want to help people discover that the supernatural does not have to be weird at all. It can actually be very natural.