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A year ago, I met a Filmmaker out of Chicago, Illinois by the name of Darren Wilson. I have watched all of Darren’s documentaries over the years and have been inspired to be open to the Supernatural more and more. I never thought that the Father would connect us in the way He has. I have learned that Heaven has an agenda and we just simply follow it with courage. When I met Darren we hit it off instantly. We spent as much time talking about sports as we did anything else. Darren filmed me to be a part of his documentary called “Holy Ghost” and I thought that would be it. 


My wife and I had no plans to travel to Redding, California for the premier of “Holy Ghost” until Darren Wilson sent an email inviting us to tag along with the Wanderlust family. Wendy and I decided to go and had an incredible time. We quickly realized that God was connecting us with Darren, Janell and the rest of the production company. It did not feel like business at all. It felt like family.

Genesis 12:1-3 has been a major theme in my life. God told Abram to pack up his stuff and go into “the land in which I will show you.” Into the ”unknown” has been a clear call of God for Wendy and I up until this point. So, it does not really surprise me that what I thought would be a small part in a documentary is now turning into something much bigger. God is calling Wanderlust to move it’s entire company from Chicago to Greenville. Why? I don’t know and its not important for me to know. The promised land always becomes visible as we walk.

Wanderlust will not be a ministry of Bridgeway Church. This company simply desired a spiritual covering and God clearly led Wendy and I to realize that Bridgeway was supposed to be that covering. I have never really needed clarity from God. All he has to do is nudge me and I’ll jump. Mother Theresa did not have clarity at the end of her life and she was a world changer. Clarity is overrated. Obedience is underrated. 

Bridgeway will be the home church of Wanderlust. We simply want to be a family that believes in them, prays for them, pastors them, and helps them garner a deep passion to be completely in love with Jesus all the days of their lives. Come Lord Jesus, do whatever you want to do.



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