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  1. Love this! I was born in August 1973, the first year abortion was legalized, to a 15 year old mother and a 16 year old father. Praise God they rejected any pressure to abort me. They were two broken kids that found the courage to live and to move forward in the midst of dysfunction and heart break. I was raised mostly by my grandmother and worked through a lot of pain and disappointment when it came to my parents. But the Lord pursued me and preserved me through it all. Fast forward, as my husband and I pressed (this is a life long pressing, lol) into the Father to teach us how to be a mother & father, I was drawn to press in to gain His heart & perspective towards my parents. I was provoked by His love to contend for honor over them. He showed me grace and forgiveness. He showed me that they gave all they had and that His grace and abundance is more than enough to fill in the gaps left in me & in them. No matter the background, there are generations of mothers and fathers who have not had mothers and fathers, disappointed and broken. When we choose to press into His Fatherhood and His love & honor for one another, to stay in agreement with Him over each other, He brings restoration and definition to our relationships. The Father is turning the hearts of the children to the fathers, and the hearts of the fathers to the children. It flows from intimacy with Him. Apart from this revelation, we can’t be healthy in a role as mothers & fathers. He teaches us all things, including how to be mothers and fathers, by His example. This is His heart over all generations in this hour! Let Your Sons & Daughters be revealed!!

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