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One of my favorite things to do in life, is to take people, who are hungry to see if John 14:12 is real, down to Haiti. Jesus said “If anyone believes in me, he will do the same things I have done, even greater things will he do because I am going to the Father.” I noticed this verse as a twelve year old boy and my entire life I’ve been interested to know if that is really true. I’ve wondered why people who call themselves His “disciples” hardly ever see even a tiny bit of what Jesus saw when it comes to healing and miracles. 

Last week I took a team to Haiti to partner with Gary Hypollite and Bethel Mission Outreach. Bridgeway Church has been partnering with Gary for five years now and I have had the opportunity to take seven teams to assist him in doing whatever God needs us to do. We have done everything from crusades and medical clinics to outreach, labor, intercession and the list goes on.. One of the days on this particular trip, Gary had us do outreach. 

Our team got on the bus and traveled to Croix De Bouquet to pray for people and share the love of Jesus with the gospel message. As soon as we arrived, I prayed for a young man with knee and shoulder problems and the Lord helped him. Through a translator, he said that his pain left and he felt “much, much better.” When we were done praying for him, Gary wanted us to walk around to the town square where more people would be. That’s when I saw “him.”

Voodoo in Haiti is nothing to play around with. It is a prevalent way of life for thousands of Haitians. Witchcraft is as real with some Haitians as you could ever imagine. It’s nothing to joke about at all. As we were walking to the town square, a Witch Doctor began to hiss at our team in an attempt to scare us. Our interpreter, Christopher, said “Keep walking straight, don’t look at him. Just keep going.” When Christopher said that, something did not sit right with me. My first thought was, “The same power that raised Jesus from the grave, is in me. I am not in the mood to be pushed around by a Witch Doctor.”

The team I was with, continued to walk over to the square while Christopher and I walked up to this man. He was holding a fake dragon toy in his hand and had different types of bizarre necklaces on. As soon as we got near him, the interpreter said “I’m getting dizzy.” You could literally feel in the natural, a sense of demonic presence. I was never angry with the man but I was furious at the evil that was influencing him. I prayed over Chris and his dizziness went away. I then began to share the gospel and the person of Jesus Christ with this Witch Doctor. He did not like it at all. He would not look at me and became very agitated when I prayed over him in the spirit.

I wish I could tell you that he was delivered, set free, received Jesus, and laid down his demonic practice. He did not. I shared the gospel with him for fifteen minutes but he never wanted to look at me or talk about what I was sharing. We did pray for him and I asked the Father to reveal His love for this man.

Even though we did not see an immediate breakthrough, we did learn as a team, that there comes a time when you need to punch fear in the face. I refused to be bullied by a demonic presence in someone. Most Christians (even Charismatic Christians) would run for their lives in such a situation, because we have been taught to “fear the enemy.” I believe we should “fear the Lord” and walk in a level of power that is greater than anything trying to bully us. Faith is not the absence of doubt or fear. Faith is simply punching those two things in the mouth and moving through them. 

I pray that you would find the courage to realize that “Greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” Be free. Be bold. Be courageous.




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  1. Amen. The scriptures are true – how desperately we need to know the scriptures and believe them. Stand and the enemy will flee from you, not the the way around.

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